Longitude: 45°35'43.01" W Latitude:21°53'31,99"S

Average temperature: 

23.5° Celsius 

Annual Production:

150 bags 


October to November


Starts: June 

Ends: July 


1100 up to 1300 meters 


Total: 7 hectares
With Coffee: 4 hectares 




Augusto Borges Ferreira is 25 years old and is married to Patricia Fernanda Silveira. Both come from coffee producer families.
They are very young, full of dreams and see in coffee production the basis for their future family.

Augusto is part of the fourth generation of Borges Ferreira family, a very traditional family of coffee growers. It is a true story of coffee lovers through generations.
He was was raised in the middle of coffee crops, living with his parents on the farm.

In 2008, Augusto joined a group of friends who "breathed" coffee and dedicated their knowledge for quality. In 2010 he joined the APAS (Association of High Sierra Producers) which came in meeting with all the principles of world coffee production to "Sustainability".

"In the spring of September 2015, the first owers have already
shown their potential with a very sweet fragrance. Since then, the anxiety only increased with uniform grain growth consequently maturation was the crux of the process that much care and attention demand to reap the grain in more mature point." Said Augusto.
Started harvesting by hand by women and men in August 2016, this coffee was washed, separated and dried on paved terraces slowly, at the the most natural way, because after reading some articles in the guide of coffee, they decided to test this method. With a highly motivated and rewarded team for the care given to the coffee, it was possible to maintain the quality. It couldn't be different, in the act of benefit, it was possible to notice many differences in appearance and fragrance.