El Salvador, El Carmen - Filter Roast

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El Salvador, El Carmen - Filter Roast

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Fruity and velvety sweet, with notes of ripe strawberries, pineapple, and roasted marshmallows.

El Carmen - Honey Process

COUNTRY: El Salvador

REGION: Apaneca-Illametepec, Ahuachapan

TOWN: Ataco

ALTITUDE: 1300 masl

VARIETY: Bourbon


PRODUCER: Alfaro family


The high quality of El Carmen is due to the estate’s prime growing conditions and the family’s meticulous approach to harvesting and processing. The El Carmen is processed with scrupulous attention to detail. The cherries are hand-picked only when perfectly ripened. Using the Honey process, cherries are pulped the same day using no water and transferred directly through silos to meticulously clean patios and slowly dried over 20 days. The mucilage (part of the pulp in coffee cherries) is left on the coffee bean. This imparts a unique fruit driven characteristic to the coffee.

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