Rwanda, Terimbere - Filter Roast

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Rwanda, Terimbere - Filter Roast

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Sweet and big bodied, with dark chocolate, ripe fruit and a red wine acidity. 

Terimbere is a small cooperative washing station in the North East of Rwanda. Terimbere started operating in 2014. Over the past two seasons, the Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) has worked closely with Terimbere’s farmers offering technical assistance in tree management, cherry selection while directly investing in equipment improvement at the wet-mill. This year Terimbere were able to produce two container loads of high-end specialty grade coffee. 

Terimbere was also the recipient of RTC’s Quality Award, for the station that demonstrates consistent improvement in quality year-to-year. 

Country: Rwanda
Region: Eastern Province, Gatsibo district, Nyagihinga sector Variety: Bourbon and Typica
Altitude: 1600 masl
Rainfall: 2500mm
Soil: Deep Volcanic Loam
Harvest: April – August 

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