We love setting up new cafes. Crazy, we know. But it means that we've got the industry knowledge to help you make your business amazing.

We know our coffee like the back of our hands and can't wait to teach you all about it.


The cafe industry is more competitive than ever. Customers now have a large selection of quality cafes to choose from, making it more difficult to stand out from the crowd. To be successful a cafe needs to not only offer the best possible service, fit out and produce, but also something that others in the area aren't. It's not enough anymore to just do it well you have to be truly exceptional to make it work.  


We are keen to work with people who are interested in serving great coffee. If you choose to use our coffee it is in our interest as much as yours that you are successful. We go out of our way to help to give you the best possible chance of success. We've got a lot of experience in setting up cafes and understand the industry and what it takes to make it work. We can help with everything from choosing equipment to suppliers and our doors are always open to discuss the business and to throw around ideas.  

In the end the choice of what coffee to use will really come down to what you like. You should absolutely choose the coffee that you love and want to drink, because lets face it, you are going to being drinking a lot of it! 


We take our coffee roasting seriously. Everyday we are working with it in our cafes, we understand it and we know how to get the best out of it.  We cup and evaluate all our roasts meticulously. Our Bathysphere blend is unique, made up of Costa Rican, Brazilian, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans. We have worked very hard to create a blend that has a balance of acidity and sweetness. The overwhelming majority of coffees sold in cafes after all are milk based and so it is essential to have a blend that can push through milk and yet remain sweet and balanced.

Our green beans are sourced primarily through a variety of local suppliers. Our small team are passionate about exploring and improving what we do.  We are out in the coffee community talking and listening, cupping, doing whatever we can to ensure we are sourcing the best possible green beans for our blend and single origins.  

We hold Cuppings everyday, so if you would like to come in and cup some coffee together, we would love to show you around and give you the chance to get a feel for how we work, and what we have to offer each other.


Training & Service

Every coffee is different but obviously one of the most important elements in the coffee process is the final preparation in the cup.  It's why we offer free training for all the baristas in your cafe or restaurant.  We will also service your machine and equipment to ensure it's at it's optimum and you are getting the most out of the coffee.  We prefer to work with Synesso or La Marzocco coffee machines and Mazzer grinders. Please contact us prior to purchasing a machine or grinder as we can offer some important insight into what specific equipment to purchase.

We can also organise cuppings for your team of Baristas and Floor Staff which is a great way to get everyone on the same page as to what the coffee is about.

If you have a wholesale enquiry please contact MARK

Email - wholesale@wideopenroadcoffee.com.au

Mobile - 0400 402 604