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by Dylan Hewitt |

Like many hospitality venues in Melbourne, (actually, like many hospitality venues on planet earth) we've been put in a tough situation. Turning a 120 seat capacity venue with 25 staff into a takeaway window has been an interesting task. Thankfully, our government are helping out a handful of our casual staff with JobKeeper. 

However, the bulk of our full-timers are on visas and thus ineligible. We've sponsored these staff because they are good people and awesome at what they do. These people have lives and families here in Australia and are on their paths to permanent residency. Maybe it's cool for Morrison to be flippant about visa holders going home, but we strongly disagree. 


Thank YOU!

So to the customers coming by to see us at our window every day, buying coffees and toasties and those who are ordering coffee online. We want to thank you. Staying in business is one thing, but you're enabling us to keep paying our staff as best we can, and we couldn't do it without you.

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