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SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Nicaragua, La Cordillera
SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Nicaragua, La Cordillera

Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters

SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Nicaragua, La Cordillera



Origin: Nicaragua 
Region: Nueva Segovia 
Producer: 15 small-scale producers from Dipilto, Mozonte, San Fernando and Jalapa 
Farm: La Cordillera de Dipilto
Altitude: 1250-1600masl 
Harvest: Manual 
Variety: Caturra 
Process: Washed 
Importer: Caravela 

Close to the border of Honduras, La Cordillera de Dipilto is a natural reserve with an expansive biodiversity of flora and fauna. It’s home to 15 small-scale coffee growers whose farms surround the highest peak in Nicaragua, Cerro Monoton, with a height of 2106 masl. With its perfect ecosystem and various water sources, this region is known as the capital of specialty coffee in Nicaragua. 

Our trusted coffee importers, Caravela, began working with the Dipilto growers in 2012, setting up a cupping lab in the capital of Ocotal the very next year. Being closer to the producers meant they could provide the support needed to advance the quality of coffee.  

Coffee here grows at a high elevation and exists in a microclimate, as is common in volcanic regions, and makes for an ideal growing environment. The region is known for its coffee as much as it is for the annual celebration of the Virgen de la Piedra. It’s said she’s looking after them from her sacred monument above the big rock in Dipilto. 


Recipe Starting Point:

20g Dose

44g Yield

22s Extraction Time

94 Degrees C

Note: We have developed an espresso profile for this coffee - meaning it is roasted a little darker than would normally suit filter brew methods. If you're using pour over, Aeropress, batch brew, plunger or other filter brew methods we recommend our Single Origin Filter Roast. However, we're more than happy to supply any of our coffees ground to any specifications - coffee is a personal journey, and we are excited to take that journey with you.

SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Nicaragua, La Cordillera

SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Nicaragua, La Cordillera