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SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Burundi, Bukeye Natural
SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Burundi, Bukeye Natural

Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters

SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Burundi, Bukeye Natural



Origin: Burundi
Region: Murumvya Province
Farm: Bukeye
Altitude: 1700-2100 masl
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Exporter: The Long Mile Coffee Project
Importer: First Crop Coffee

We at Wide Open Road are excited to partner with Long Mile Coffee Project to highlight the work they have been doing in Africa by showcasing some of their offering from Burundi. We have acquired 2 coffees from their Bukeye mills.

This offering is a natural processed coffee where the coffee cherries are floated and hand-sorted before being taken straight to the drying tables. The whole coffee cherry spends between twenty-five to thirty days drying in its skin, slowly turning from deep red to a prune-like purple-black colour when fully dry.

Bukeye was the first washing station built by the Long Mile Coffee Project in January of 2013, and has become a place of innovation since its opening. It was here that their coffee scout program was piloted. The Coffee Scouts, together with a team of agronomists, have been pivotal in increasing the quality of coffee through innovative methods and programs. The washing station has been the launching pad for an extensive organic pesticide program targeting antestia (the colourful bug linked to the potato defect), post-harvest pruning, mulching and fertilising campaigns.

During the peak of harvest, farmers bring their cherries to the station and each person's contribution is recorded using the Long Mile farmer card system. This system ensures that Long Mile can trace the coffee and the farmers who grew it right down to the hill.


Recipe Starting Point:

19.5g Dose

42g Yield

24s Extraction Time

94 Degrees C

Note: We have developed an espresso profile for this coffee - meaning it is roasted a little darker than would normally suit filter brew methods. If you're using pour over, Aeropress, batch brew, plunger or other filter brew methods we recommend our Single Origin Filter Roast. However, we're more than happy to supply any of our coffees ground to any specifications - coffee is a personal journey, and we are excited to take that journey with you.

SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Burundi, Bukeye Natural

SINGLE ORIGIN ESPRESSO - Burundi, Bukeye Natural