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SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Ethiopia, Halo Hartume
SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Ethiopia, Halo Hartume

Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters

SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Ethiopia, Halo Hartume



Origin: Ethiopia 
Region: Yirgacheffe 
Producer: Mijane Worassa
Farm: 400+ Small Lot Holders, Gedeb
Altitude: 2000-2200 masl
Harvest: Manual
Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian
Process: Washed
Importer: Shared Source  

This coffee comes to us via Shared Source, an outstanding local importer who focuses on sustainability, transparency, and providing farmers globally with a fair price for a living wage. The team at Shared Source have been working with Ato Warassa and his family since 2020 and have developed a solid direct-trade relationship, which allows more of the profits from the sale of coffee to go directly to the family and farmers that grow coffee in this region.

These full-flavoured cherries are hand-picked by workers across the Gedeo zone, near the town of Gedeb, where more than 400 small coffee plot holders harvest the coffee and transport it to the Yirgacheffe Washing Station, nestled in the Halo Hartume hills from which this coffee derives its name. 

This coffee is complex, aromatic and delightful. You'll be lucky to get some for yourself - the roastery team won't stop drinking it all!


Recipe Starting Point (Pour Over):

17g Dose

280mL water (95 Degrees C)

3:30 Time

Note: We have developed a filter profile for this coffee - meaning it is roasted a little lighter than would normally suit an espresso brew method. If you're using an espresso machine, high-pressure Aeropress, or prefer a darker roast for your percolator, we recommend our Single Origin Espresso Roast. However, we're more than happy to supply any of our coffees ground to any specifications - coffee is a personal journey, and we are excited to take that journey with you.

SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Ethiopia, Halo Hartume

SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Ethiopia, Halo Hartume