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SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Volcano, Colombia
SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Volcano, Colombia

Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters

SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Volcano, Colombia



Origin: Colombia 
Region Nariño
Producer: Cooperativa Cafés Especiales de Nariño
Farm: Multiple smallholder farms 
Altitude: 1700-2200masl 
Harvest: Manual 
Variety: Mixed varietals 
Process: Washed 
Importer: Cofinet

After three years spent working side by side with many communities in Nariño, our import partners Cofinet decided to initiate a very special program. Showcasing specialty coffees grown in regional areas, Cofinet collaborated with these talented growers in the hope that it would benefit the hard working people in these coffee communities. 

With the help of their friends at Cooperativa de Cafés Especiales de Nariño they’ve designed a social-driven program that focuses on quality and aims to help the smallest and least protected farmers in the region. Sourcing coffees only from smallholders whose growing area does not exceed 1.5 hectares, the idea is to offer a base premium that will ensure farmers get a price that’s at least 10% higher than what they’d normally fetch from local buyers.

Recipe Starting Point (Pour Over):

15g Dose

250mL water (93 Degrees C)

2:45 Time

Note: We have developed a filter profile for this coffee - meaning it is roasted a little lighter than would normally suit an espresso brew method. If you're using an espresso machine, high-pressure Aeropress, or prefer a darker roast for your percolator, we recommend our Single Origin Espresso Roast. However, we're more than happy to supply any of our coffees ground to any specifications - coffee is a personal journey, and we are excited to take that journey with you.

SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Volcano, Colombia

SINGLE ORIGIN FILTER - Volcano, Colombia