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Maybe you're sitting down at our place enjoying a coffee and reading this, maybe you're on a train and bored out of your brain - either way we have something to say and hope that after reading this you will look out the window in a contemplative manner, rub your chin, nod, smile, pay your bill and walk out with your head held high knowing that you've just experienced some of the best coffee in the world and that some of your purchase has gone towards the source in our supply chain - our legendary bean farmers in Tanzania. Jonathan is with his family here and on a recent visit we were shown that the Mwika Mill that he runs isn't fully functional and needs significant development. We have a lot of options when it comes to buying coffee (as do you) but we have it in our DNA that we can't do any less than go for the best and lift the game across the board - bringing our farmers with us along the way. If they're growing top quality beans in good conditions with efficient farming equipment, we'll be happy, you'll be happy and Jonathan's son - well he's always happy.
We have been roasting coffee in our Brunswick headquarters since 2009 - that's 10 years of beans, sweat and tears - tears of joy - always tears of joy - really. Along the way there has been and will continue to be, decisions made that have positive and negative consequences. The balancing act is f*$#ing hard and we've seen some pretty shady stuff that we would never find ourselves doing. There's a good opportunity here to go deep into what's wrong with the coffee industry, with the proliferation and abuse of  the word 'PREMIUM' to the money hungry dealers. We are very passionate about the coffee business. In our 10 years of business experience (but many many many more years of combined life experience) we instinctively know that we need to keep eye on the bigger picture, moving forward with solid ethics, positivity and passion. This is in fact more about the people behind the scenes than the quality of the beans. We have brewed a culture (yes that's a pun) of community and creativity that aims to improve the experience of our brand at every touch point.  As we move towards becoming leaders in our industry (are we there yet?) it's our imperative to make the best decisions we can along the way. From the people we employ to supplies we buy, every decision is made to challenge the status quo, make things better and at the end of the day, get a good nights sleep - because we are going to do it all over again the next day - starting with an Indonesian Gunung Tujuh Espresso of course.
Simply put, our vision is to produce delicious coffee. Ethically and transparently sourced with equal regard given to those that we buy from, and in turn those that buy from us. We believe that coffee is an area of business that is currently providing many opportunities for people at every stage of it's production.
We love being able to craft a product using all of our senses and with a eye toward aesthetics. We also love the relationships formed and maintained through and around coffee. The human element of coffee is what continues to drive us towards quality in all aspects of our business.
We want you to be assured that when you brew a cup of Wide Open Road coffee, you are at the final stage of a long and committed process.

Interested in working with us? We're always looking for enthusiastic and creative coffee brewers to partner up with. Seeing our product in the hands of people who are as passionate about coffee as we are is what we like best!

Shoot us an email to to get a conversation started, or scroll down to see one of the teams contact numbers if you would like to talk on the phone. Alternatively, you can always swing by our roastery in person to taste some coffees and have a chat.

Choosing which beans to roast is not a rushed process. Aside from tasting great, we make sure we have as much information as possible about who and where the coffee comes from.
At its core, roasting coffee is a simple process. but like any craft, doing it well requires experience and attention to detail. Come into wide open road and see the process taking place right before your eyes.

A coffee company needs to do more than just roast. From travelling to origin and sourcing beans to choosing the right filter to brew the coffee and right down to picking a font for the menu, we cover the full gamut of coffee.

Our team consists of a small but dedicated group of coffee and hospitality veterans. Beyond experienced roasters and baristas, we include designers, venue operators and coffee educators in our ranks.

M: +61 419 877 779

M: +61 401 092 355
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