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The coffee industry is currently engaged in a race to the bottom. Quality is giving way to pricing because everyone is ostensibly offering the same thing. We aim to offer something different, something beyond the ‘product’.

We believe that quality should not be defined as a standard scale of acceptance, rather it is found in the present moment or state of flow as the sort of experiential quality found in art, literature, sport and other creative pursuits, including creative sciences, such as roasting and the pursuit of creating coffee.
People like us, who seek dynamic quality, (rather than merely static, measurable quality) find meaning in life through the fulfilment of potential in all aspects of our day to day and drink coffee that comes from a company like Wide Open Road.


Communities are a means of creation. Be it art, science, business or leisure, a common goal can focus the efforts of many. We are in business to contribute to community, inspire community by leading by example and provide a means for the community to participate in our initiatives. Coffee is the connector for these ideas and provides the spark for people to meet and for things to happen.
We are all probably familiar with the term True Grit as a western ideology about perseverance but to us it’s more than that. It encapsulates two other dimensions – passion and purpose. Those who have passion (internal motivation) for the activity can persist longer than those who just have willpower and those who have purpose (external motivation) can persist even longer than those who have passion.
This purpose-based conception of community is a less hippy-dippy “Let’s all sit in a circle” and more of a Hobbesian “If we’re not in this together, a bear will eat us, but also: Look at all this dope shit we can do” conception of community.


We now have over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience. We have arrived at this point by doing it ourselves. Transparently and openly, putting ourselves out there as an example of what can be achieved when you stick to your big-picture goals & principles.
Leadership for us is not centred in a traditional hierarchy of authority but rather in doing it first, doing it better – or simply just doing it. Yes it’s a bit Nike Just Do It but this is about the long haul, not just about getting up and running. Our mantra might just well be Just Live It. This is part of our ever-present vitality in combining business with lifestyle – there is no other way really – it’s in our DNA.
Leading by example is another way we try to inspire each other and the community. We do this by engaging in ethical business practices and hosting community based initiatives. The communities we affect are both local to us but also in our sourcing regions overseas – these communities are also benefiting from business and the stories that we come back with are always incredible. Keep up to date with our programs in our socials. We try to document everything we do but sometimes there are amazing things that happen that miss public attention.
We have never really been comfortable with the idea of financial gain as a driving factor of our business, creating enough wealth to settle back and watch things tick along. We have consciously balanced the books with what we need to operate with what we’d like to give back to the community. Give Back for us is an essential part of our ethos but it only happens when the day to day transactions are made. Give Back can be donations, time and effort or collaborative endeavours. The true cost of Give Back - Marketing is the necessary evil of communicating that “the more coffee you buy the more our communities will thrive” but marketing also comes at a cost. We aim to generate our own marketing material and partner with like-minded people more as community conversations rather than as campaigns. We feel that leading these conversations will not only promote our activities in a respectful way but also promote positive and open discussion around coffee, community, culture and in turn – leading to more people participating.