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Roaster's choice: filter


Our subscription price includes delivery, so you can enjoy your favourite Wide Open Road coffee without any nasty surprises at checkout.


Our Roaster’s Choice subscription is ideal for coffee lovers who know what they like but are open to trying something new. Always filter roasted, always from one of our trusted coffee producers, we'll sling you our favourite single origins we’re roasting at the moment. 

This allows us to share our process with you as we journey together. It's an opportunity for you to taste pre-released coffees, off-menu roasts that might not make it to our online store (due to limited amounts or availability), and enjoy break downs of blends. This is when we isolate a bean you’d normally drink in a blend and let it shine on its own. It’s all perks of being in the Sub Club.  

Consult our Brew Guides for V60, AeroPress and PlungerOh, and don’t get stuck without filter papers