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Friends of Wide: Sun Hands Opens in Carlton

by Wholesale Wide Open Road |

If you've ever enjoyed a coffee, wine, porchetta roll, or evening cicchetti at Heartattack and Vine in Carlton, you might recognize our dear friend Nathen's face. What you might not know is we go a long way back! 


Heartattack and Vine was born from a team of four, our very own Jono Hill (owner of Wide Open Road), Hootan Heydari, Emily Bitto (both now of Shabooh Shoobah fame) & Nathen. 

Now, Nathen and Matt Roberts (Nathen’s partner in Heartattack and Vine) are joining forces with their good friend and first-time owner, Ishella Butler, to open a charming sister venue just around the corner from Heartattack. Nestled in the former home of IMA Project Cafe (which has moved to Brunswick, more on that later!), you'll discover the delightful Sun Hands.

Sun Hands embraces the vibrant community spirit of Carlton and is designed to be your go-to neighbourhood hangout. It's a morning cafe, deli, wine bar, and general store, all in one! Whether you’re stopping in for a coffee (a la Wide Open Road) or on your way to a dinner party, Sun Hands’ offering champions local makers, growers and producers. Swing past for a fresh loaf of bread, bunch of flowers, or bottle of local wine (including Nathen’s own ‘Upside Wine’). For food, the focus is on seasonal dishes with Melbourne-sourced ingredients. Look forward to a daily selection of homemade pickles and kraut, nostalgic 'dippy eggs' for breakfast, or seasonal salads for a quick lunch. 

Step inside the Elgin Street venue and be welcomed by a stained timber-encased bar on a warm earth-toned tile backdrop. The humble, minimalist interior and stripped-back walls serve to shine a light on local makers and producers. Underneath a beautiful custom-made stained glass piece by local artist Poppy Templeton (@duckragu), you’ll find retail bags of Wide Open Road proudly on display.

Lining the venue’s Drummond Street exterior are eight curbside tables, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon sun with a tasty drop during aperitivo hour (as soon as their liquor licence is approved). Sunhands is currently open 10am to 3pm Tuesday to Sunday, but they'll be branching out into evenings very soon. Don't forget to drop by and say hello the next time you're in the neighbourhood!


Open 10am-3pm Tue to Sun

169 Elgin Street, Carlton VIC 3053




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