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A Flavourful Journey through Nicaragua | El Recuerdo | Carbonic Maceration NaturalAre you ready to experience a taste adventure like no other? We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering - Nicaragua | El Recuerdo | Carbonic Maceration NaturalThis is the first Carbonic Maceration that Wide Open Road has ever released, and we are ecstatic to share the amazing unique flavours that this process brings out in the coffee.El Recuerdo Farm The El Recuerdo Farm is nestled in the heart of Nicaragua, its rich volcanic soil, high-altitude location and ideal microclimate create the perfect conditions for cultivating exceptional coffee. Eudoro Guillen is a second-generation coffee farmer, following the footsteps of his late father who unfortunately passed when Eudoro was aged 18. Eudoro, his wife Norma and his mother Doña, work tirelessly to honour the legacy and knowledge of all that they learned from Eudoro’s father. As well as honouring the traditional processing methods that have been passed down, Eudoro and his team also look to innovate with creative and experimental coffee processing methods, like this Natural processed Carbonic Maceration. The Carbonic Maceration Process Unlike traditional processing methods, Carbonic Maceration involves fermenting whole coffee cherries with CO2 in a controlled environment.This unique process allows for the extraction of nuanced flavours and distinct profiles that can't be achieved through other methods, it enhances the flavours and aromas of coffee, resulting in a cup that's truly exceptional and unique. The Flavour Journey The flavours are a delightful fusion of fruit-forward notes, floral undertones, and a bright acidity. It's a vibrant and lively coffee.Great deep body being the sweetness and the prolonged sticky aftertaste the major character on this coffee full purple and red notes. TASTING NOTES:  Forest Berries, Chocolate Cookies, Red Apple Sustainability and Social Responsibility At Wide Open Road, we believe in coffee that's not only delicious but also responsible. El Recuerdo Farm shares our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that every bean is grown and harvested with care for the environment and the well-being of the local community. Don't miss out!  BUY NICARAGUA | EL RECUERDO | CM NATURAL - Filter