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The Rising Price of Specialty Coffee in Today’s Market

Like many products the world-over, the price of coffee has been increasing and fluctuating significantly in the past few years of uncertainty. The C-price (“commodity” price, the international standard price for coffee on the international stock exchange) has increased multiple times over the past few months to almost double what it was just a handful of years ago. In many ways, this is a really positive step in the right direction, ensuring that farmers who grow the coffee we all love so much are receiving more money from co-ops and importers for their goods. For more than a decade, the C-Price was set at a level that was below the cost of production, leaving the most essential members of the supply chain living in poverty.  Since the outset, Wide Open Road has been dedicated to sourcing coffee sustainably, not just for the planet, but also for the growers and workers, ensuring that we always pay double or more than the international market price to not only cover the cost of production, but provide a living wage for all the workers in the supply chain, as well as assist farms, co-ops and communities to re-invest in themselves, purchase better equipment and refine agronomy processes for even higher quality beans.  The end result of such a significant and sudden increase means that unfortunately we’re likely to see prices go up for specialty coffee across the country. For the second time in 9 years, it’s become necessary for us to increase the price of our coffee for the consumer in order to remain sustainable, and maintain the high quality of every bean that lands in your cup. Thank you so much to all our customers new and old, our shared passion for the finest quality coffee is what keeps the industry alive, and we couldn’t do what we do without your continued support.  All the best, The Wide Open Road Team